The explosion of Italian terrorism and the Piazza Fontana massacre seen by the United States


  • Giovanni Mario Ceci UniversitádegliStudi Roma II


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Italy, terrorism, Piazza Fontana massacre, United States, CIA, American press


The article deals with the analysis and reactions from the United States pertaining to the piazza Fontana massacre (1969) and the explosion of Italian terrorism. The work assesses these components through the most relevant and influential American newspapers and magazines and the analysis of the CIA, the White House, the Department of State, and the American Embassy in Rome. First, the article examines the widespread evaluations of the Italian situation at the moment of the December 12th bombings and the reactions to terrorist attacks or violent episodes already occurred in Italy. Second, it analyzes American reactions to the piazza Fontana massacre. Finally, it focuses on the different American comments about the possible consequences of the bombings on the Italian political system.
Palabras clave: Italy, terrorism, Piazza Fontana massacre, United States, CIA, American press

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  • Giovanni Mario Ceci, UniversitádegliStudi Roma II
    At present, I teach "Italian Culture" for USAC at Università della Tuscia in Viterbo and I am "cultore della materia" in Contemporary History at University of Roma Tre. Since completing my Ph.D. in Contemporary History, I've held fellowships at the University of Roma Tre in Rome and at the INSMLI (National Institute for the Study of Resistance in Italy) in Milan. My research and publications focus on different topics: Italian politics (above all on the history of the Christian Democratic Party); Catholic politics; Fascism (I published a book on Renzo De Felice and I edited his correspondence with George L. Mosse). Over the recent past years, I've focused above all on terrorism in the '70s. I published many articles on this topic and I've just completed a book dealing with the interpretations of Italian terrorism elaborated by foreign scholars and Italian ones since 1977 up to nowadays.







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Ceci, Giovanni Mario. 2022. “The Explosion of Italian Terrorism and the Piazza Fontana Massacre Seen by the United States”. Historia Actual Online, no. 31 (June): 29-40.

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