Los que volvieron a casa: el fin de ETA político militar y la reinserción de sus miembros.

Eduardo Parra Iñesta


In September 1982 ETA political-military division was disbanded. This break-up had emerged in 1974, due to the wave of terrorist attacks of the military front. ETA was divided into two different sections: militar and político-militar. The polimilis followed a path that aimed at merging the armed struggle and the mass struggle. However, the political party that emerged from the previous split, EIA, did have an important role. This party was born in 1977 and took part in the political game at a very early stage. EIA will be precisely an important element for ETA político-militar division to give up armed struggle, due to the imposition of a realistic vision, in which political achievements as the Constitution or the Basque Statute make the armed struggle void.

Keywords: Armed struggle, Basque Country, ETA, ETA político militar, Euskadiko Ezkerra, Mario Onaindía, Spanish Transition, UCD

Palabras clave

ETA, ETA político militar, lucha armada, Transición Española, Transición, País Vasco, Mario Onaindía, Euskadiko Ezkerra, UCD

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