Asociación de Historia Actual (AHA) is an international, scientific, and cultural entity. Our main goals are encouragement of researching, teaching and promotion of knowledge on present human developement, from a multidisciplinary point of view, with special attention to historic, descriptive, explanatory and prospective studies of social processes at global and regional level. You can get more information in the section About the AHA.

Information for membership in the Asociación de Historia Actual

The membership to the Asociación de Historia Actual includes the suscription to Revista de Historia Actual and the posibility of free suscription in any meeting organised by the AHA.

If you want to get your membership in the AHA, you can do it by filling the corresponding form.

Information for users login

The Asociación de Historia Actual website has enabled the user login for that members who want to announce their activities and meetings that they organize. This option will only be available to members of the Asociación de Historia Actual who are up to date on their membership fee.

If you want to login as an user, you can do it by the Login Form menu located at the menu bar at the right side of your screen. Our Privacy Policy is also available.

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