The project Nuestro Patrimonio Común

International Meetings Nuestro Patrimonio Común (NPC) are the global exchange forum of the Asociación de Historia Actual. They aim to stimulate reflection and debate on the historical, political and cultural relations among the great regions that make up the world today. This scientific meetings have a double purpose. First, they are academic events, international forums for discussion and scientific exchange between schollars. Then, they are spaces for critical reflection that express the intelectual compromise of their participating people. Their conclussions must influence the decissions of all colective actors. In other words, the NPC are the think-tank of the AHA.

The are big exes that define the work of NPCs:

  1. National, ethnic and cultural Identities.  
  2. Ideologies, societies and representations.
  3. Dictatoships, transitions and construction of democracy.
  4. Inequalities, conflicts and social changes. 
  5. Resistances and Exiles. 
  6. Challenges of economic globalization. 
  7. Current migrations and demographic phenomena. 
  8. Experiences of regional integration. 
  9. Natural Heritage, environment and development.
  10. The dialogue of civilizations in today's world.

Publish modules to the "offcanvs" position.

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